The beginning…

Hi everybody this blog is a display of works from my godsons Gaga (9 years old) and Iván (4 years old), both have been playing with the photographic images for the last 2 years or so.

I’ve decided to make a blog with their works and some guests like Santi (5 years old) and Tati (12 years old), because their approach to the photographic image have been a constant source of inspiration and teaching for me as a photographer and for life itself.

Please feel free of comment about the photographs (my work is to download it of the camera and follow their instructions about cropping it) some ones have been toned because they wanted to see how I did it in my photographs. The are not editing the photos by themselves yet, hopefully it will happen soon, for now, almost all the images are in a raw state, the ones edited have been under their instructions.

I hope to be able to don’t impose my own artistic criteria over theirs.

Silvino González M.

And now the artists: the photograph was taken by Iván using the timer and edited by me.


About yourmung

Colombian Graphic Designer and Photographer focused in experimentation but with emphasis and roots in tradition.

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